Wintery Thanksgiving

We are having a cold, cold week because of a storm coming. I think we’ll see some ice this week. I am loathed to step out of our house. Even inside the house, I’m wearing a sweater and my hands are chilly. At least we are not traveling anywhere this week. We can technically huddle inside our house the whole week if our sanity allows it.

We did venture out to the library for an installment of new books today. Calvin enjoys going to the library because he gets to play games on the library computer while I hunt down new books for him. Calvin goes through so many books every day – a minimum of 4-6 books a day before his quiet time and bedtime; he looks through another 7 or 8 more during quiet time; sometimes we read a couple more throughout the day too. Sometimes I run out of ideas of what books he might like. It’s kinda hard to just pull out books from the library shelves and find something he would enjoy. I end up doing a lot of research on good children books and then getting the library to put a hold on a big bunch of them for us. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure which books he will enjoy apart from the obvious ones with funny stories, vehicles, some types of dinosaurs. The simple books that doesn’t have a story doesn’t get read much. Not all animal books appeal to him. Some books he rejects even before we get to open the cover, maybe because of the drawing style. I’ve been trying to introduce some chapter books to him to see if he will enjoy them. They don’t come with many pictures or colors so it’s a bit of a tough sell.

At least we are armed with some new entertainment for the week. The other thing is that I’m eyeing some Lego buckets from Walmart’s black friday sale for gifts or to expand our own set. It only comes with 50 2×4 bricks and 134 of the 2×2 square bricks. It would have been nice to have more bricks so we can build bigger structures. I wonder if we could buy it online and avoid having to go out in the cold. As you can see, I feel quite determined to ‘turtle’ myself in the house. Maybe I just need to dig out my winter thermal wear.


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