Grumpy Reluctant Sleeper

This morning, Calvin woke up early despite sleeping later than usual yesterday. It all happenned because he was trying to read a book in the dark after lights out. I’m not sure if he managed to see anything in the books because there was only the dim light from his night light. I heard the rustling sounds of pages turning, so I went in and told him he shouldn’t read books when it’s dark because it’s bad for his eyes. He got really upset when I took his books away. He was wailing for a while, which is normal when he is all tired and gets emotional. Finally, he settled down and fell asleep within minutes. Except half an hour later, he woke up, cried a little and told me that he’s feeling sad, went to the potty and then took a while longer to fall asleep again since he was wide awake.

And then began a whole morning of sulking and extra grumpiness. One moment, we were happily playing and then the next, he’ll have a request I can’t fulfill. Like when he wanted to have a workbench with hammers and nails so he can do his woodworking projects. He was not convinced by my explanation that the dining table chair was not going to be a good place for hammering nails. And Mr Elephant-who-never-forgets started remembering that he had a hammering toy from Ikea. When he couldn’t find it, Calvin concluded woefully that it must have been one of the baby toys that mama gave away to “the little girl”. Ugh, whoever said that kids won’t remember toys they rarely play with was not referring to a Calvin like entity. Many websites advised parents to bag up those rarely played toys for a few months before getting rid of them. Well, I did, but many months down the road, he will suddenly remember he had a certain toy and ask about it.

And then later, right before lunch, he wanted to play with the soapy tub of water to wash his rocks again. It was 10 minutes to lunch and I was using the oven. There wasn’t space in the kitchen to set up his washing station. What’s more there wasn’t time to clean hm up before lunch if he started playing with the soapy water. The last time he did it, his pants were soaked. And the rejection started another round of sulkiness. All the wonderful games we played before that was forgotten, he sat at his playground and sulked. He rolled on the floor and sulked. He was also promptly ignored when he was crying and wailing that he won’t wash his hands for lunch. I congratulated myself on my zen when I told him calmly “When you are ready, go wash your hands and come eat lunch.” After a few more tries to illicit some response from us and failing, he quieted down and decided he was ready.

We took the opportunity to point out that he was having a grumpy kind of day becuase he didn’t have a good night’s sleep last night. It makes good arsenal when he asks, as he always does at night, why he has to sleep. So with that we finally weathered through a tiring morning and had a good nap that we both sorely needed.


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