Our First Foray into Black Friday Madness

So for the first time ever since we’ve been in America, we actually went out to the stores during thanksgiving for the infamous black Friday sales. When we were in Cornell, I don’t think we even knew that there is such a sale. In fact, I barely shopped online then. And only occasionally in stores because the prices were not attractive. So the item that got us out of the house tonight, right before Calvin’s bedtime was this.


Yes, even more Lego. After realizing that Lego prices in USA are much lower, I thought this might make good gifts when we go home next year. So we lugged home three of them, one of which has been claimed by Calvin for his Christmas present. As you can see, we are not romantic souls here. Santa Claus does not secretly deposit toys for him on Christmas because he has been good. He also got to pick out three little toy cars for himself since we missed getting any for him the other day when he threw a tantrum and was being difficult.  He couldn’t stop giggling to himself all the way home, or according to his papa going ‘tee-hee’ in a super cute and adorable way. We think it will occupy his thoughts about all of 2 days before they merge into the big pile of little cars he owns.

Well, I couldn’t help but think that we have a lot more fun because he’s around. There are many things we do that I probably won’t be bothered with if it were just the two of us, but in the expectation of his enjoyment, it is all worth it. Things like hiking at the national park, apple picking, strawberry picking, braving crowded sales etc. Oh and also baking cranberry bread, in the name of thanksgiving which we do not celebrate, mainly because of a book we read about thanksgiving. We did have a special meal with braised duck and home made potato chips. The cranberry bread ended up really wonderful. Johnny said it tasted like fruit cake. I never liked fruit cake, but we are certainly making short work of this cranberry bread (more like a cake than a bread?) Calvin even gamely tried out the raw cranberries, which tasted horribly tart and bitter by the way.

20131129-000556.jpgI find myself even eager to try out new experiences because I would like him to try it out too. Given the strength of our inertia, it’s a good thing we have Calvin to get us moving.


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