Building Frenzy

Yesterday was Johnny’s birthday so there I was baking another cake. Phew it feels like it’s been busy ever since Calvin’s birthday. We will be on two trips in December. Once to Washington for a conference and then to California for Christmas.

Recently, Calvin has been on a building binge, mostly with the wooden and foam blocks. The Lego has been surprisingly untouched for a couple of days. Well after one whole month of almost exclusive Lego playing, that shouldn’t come as a surprise.  He has a great sense of imagination though he sometimes lacks the structural thinking needed to execute his ideas. In comparison, I feel like my brain could do with a lot more creativity. I feel like sometimes my world is so tied down by reality that I don’t know how to dream like a child anymore.  Especially in my writing, I felt like it was much easier. Stories would fill my head too quickly for my hand to write out. Maybe it’s the voice of practicality that censures my own ideas with little voices that say ‘That won’t work’, ‘Sounds cliche’ etc. Perhaps this is the time when I should invoke the Nike tag line “Just do it” and just write whatever my mind wanders to. It may never amount to anything more than my own private collection of thoughts but at least it is something that belongs to me. Just like the way Calvin sweeps away his creations and start on a new one, I should just revel in the joys of creation and not dwell on the final output.


Clockwise from top left: Police car, castle, T rex, semisaurus, fire engine, skyscraper, train, houses


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