Bedwetting (and other places)

Calvin is pretty much toilet trained but when he sleeps, he still wets himself frequently enough that diapers are a necessity. And being a busy 4 year old who overestimates how much he can hold in his urine, he also pees where he sits or stands when he is too absorbed in doing something he enjoys like eating a snack, reading a book or watching a videos. I try my best not to reprimand him though I do remind him that it should be done in the potty before sending him up to change his wet clothes. Sometimes I even make him help me wipe up the carpet if it’s really messy. Try as I may to be calm and matter of fact about it, I sometimes wonder if my frustration shows especially when it’s the third accident I’m cleaning up in the day.

Today, he was watching his videos again at 5pm before dinner so I have some time to get the food ready etc. In between videos, I asked him repeatedly if he needed to use the potty. “No” was his unwavering answer.  While he was watching his usual transformers, he suddenly stopped it and stood up.

“I need to change my clothes”, he said.

I tried to ask innocently “Why do you need to change it?”

“It’s wet.”, he replied.

“And how did it get wet?”

“I pee-peed”. He said sheepishly.

I almost went on a tirade on how I asked him many times before that and stopped myself. I sent him upstairs to change his wet pants. Then told him that next time, we’ll go potty before video time starts. Sometimes I find it hard to make it seem like it’s not a big deal when I really do find it frustrating and my natural reaction is to gripe and grumble. Onwards with my self-control training!


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