Goals for the Mama – 11/29

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– Encouraging him to finish the 24 & 54 pc puzzles by describing the pieces and colors
– Completed the new 24pc Cars and Toy Story puzzle by himself. He’s been doing them over and over during quiet time.
– Stacking his blocks neatly inside the bag before video time
– Hops on one foot or jump over big steps if we hold one of his hands
– Likes to jump with two feet to show he is excited
– Enjoys kicking things and send them flying like leaves and sometimes his underwear >.<
– Got his 20th star in his 记功簿。 He will sometimes help to clean up and ask me to put it down on his good deed book, which I oblige even though I’ve written it down more than once.
– Loves climbing up and down the chest freezer using the packs of paper towels as stairs. It’s amazing how much fun three big packs of paper towels can bring.

Goal 2: Chinese
– Read 摇摇晃晃的桥,谁藏起来了x3, 你看起来真好吃,西瓜和蚂蚁,动物绝对不应该穿衣服, 石头汤,加油鸡蛋哥哥, 彩虹色的花
– Watch 巧虎x 2
– Chinese songs during quiet time
– Flashcards once a day. He knows about 70 words now. It’s definitely only something I can do with him before sleep time or while he’s eating. Other times, he’s too busy to stand still and go through them.

Goal 3: Math
– Lots of spontaneous counting initiated by him
– Counting things in the books that we read

Goal 4: Reading
– We are starting to read some chapter books to him from the Magic Tree House series

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Writing letters in the board game book that I picked up from the library sale. Trying to encourage him to use the proper tripod grip

Board Game Book


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