Busy Busy Trips

After coming back from Washington, I felt like we had barely unpacked before it’s time to pack up and go again. There’s about 4 days at home – two mornings he goes to school, one if the afternoons he has Little Gym, one morning he has a Lowes project, some things to pick up at the mall and some grocery shopping to be done so I can pack some food for our trip. Our flight is early in the morning so we are unlikely to eat breakfast before we leave. So if we don’t bring our own food, it will be either buying it from the airport during our stopover or getting overpriced airline food. Our stopove is 50 minutes though so I’m not sure if we’ll have time.

What’s more I’ve been doing lots of home cooking to make up for all the unhealthy food we’ve been having and will likely have in the coming trip. And then, I was doing lots of extra cooking to use up all the stuff that might spoil while we were away, i.e onions into slow cooked caramelized onions, bunch of potatoes onto mashed potato and then baking some bread too. So even though we had 4 days at home, it feels like it was just a continuation of the hectic holiday we had. Holidays are certainly much less relaxing with a kid….I kinda miss those days of super lazy holidays when we spent most of our time eating and resting at the hotel. :p


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