San Francisco (I) – The Flight

We had to wake at 5 am in the morning to catch our 6:20am flight to San Francisco. I thought we had a little buffer to get to the airport, park our car and go through security since we already had boarding passes. When the whole ordeal of loading all our stuff onto the scanner and then trying to put it all back on ourselves, we just managed to get onto the plane as the last passengers right before takeoff. The flight to Washington was really short, just like the flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. We managed to finish a breakfast bagel we brought along while the plane was taxiing for takeoff.

We had a 50 minute connecting time to our SFO flight but after walking between the terminals, going up and down on various elevators, we only had time for a potty break before it was time to board again. Good thing I had packed plenty of food since I didn’t want to be forced to endure expensive and not too tasty airline food if we won’t have time to stop to buy something at the airport. Turned out to be one of those brilliant ideas, because in fact, we had almost no extra time at all. Once we got on the 6 hr flight to San Francisco, the three of us handily devoured 3 of the bagels, 4 soft boiled eggs, half a pound of ham, 4 slices of cheese, an apple, an orange, a pack of dried fruit, 3/4 lb of carrots and 1 cucumber. It was a pretty good picnic lunch.

Apart from the food, Calvin was fairly well entertained by the two coloring and activity books, a game of Go Fish and some new Paw Patrol videos. The DirectTV offered by United seemed fairly tempting since they offered lots of programming, a variety of channels for a reasonable price. We saw many passengers paying for that though we didn’t succumb since we rarely watch TV anyway.

We tried hard during the flight to get Calvin to take a nap since we had to wake him up early in the morning. He was all groggy and told us he wanted to go back to bed. He was fairly accommodating in lying down for some quiet time for short periods before his excitement overtakes him. And what do you know it, in the last 10 minutes when the plane was beginning its descent, I suddenly noticed a droopy head bump into my arm. And there he was, fast asleep while sitting up with his seat belt fastened. Kids, they really pick the most inappropriate times to fall asleep. Kinda reminds me of the time in Washington when we were eating at a restaurant and he fell asleep while chewing on a piece of meat – literally dozed off with a half chewed cud of it.


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