San Francisco (IV) – Golden Gate Bridge

On Monday, we decided to bring Calvin to the Golden Gate bridge just because we were in San Francisco. Initially, we wanted to leave in the morning but we ended up doing up the gingerbread house and by the time we were done, it was 10am so I thought we could go after lunch instead. Lunch ended up late because apparently we were having sandwiches but most of the food was not defrosted yet. By the time we got to leave it was 2pm and Natalie was tired and didn’t want to go.

It turned out to be a good thing because our excursion started out all wrong. There was a bad traffic jam on the bridge that brought us across to San Francisco city. We saw many cars with the 49ers flag flying and thought maybe there was a game going on. It turned out it was the very last football game that will ever be played in their historic stadium in the city, which would subsequently be demolished, so it was a very big game. We didn’t think too much of it except to make sure we beat the rush hour crowd when we return.

So we got to the infamous Golden Gate Bridge at around 3:30pm. Calvin just woke up from a nap in the car so that was good. We walked down till we reached the middle of the bridge and turned back. The view was pretty nice since the bridge has rolling hills on one side and the ocean on the other. Other than that, it was a pretty normal suspension bridge except it has the distinctive red color. To be honest, we are just not the types who can appreciate the scenery, at least not more than 2 minutes. I doubt Calvin really cares either but it just seemed like such a waste to come to San Francisco if he does not see the iconic bridge.

Golden Gate

At 4pm we thought we would start heading back. To our horror, the traffic was terrible on the highway. The GPS started trying to direct us to all sorts of nook and cranny towns to go around it but it turns out that lots of people probably had the same GPS because the roads were packed wherever we went. And the funny thing is, from 5pm till 6pm, whenever I look at the GPS, it always says we were 1 hour away from J’s sister’s place. We finally reached home around 7pm when dinner was just ready. What an adventure! Calvin was surprisingly good. He would bemoan the fact that we were still in the car, saying ‘How will we get home?” but he was pretty patient about it. We amused ourselves playing silly games in the car and looking at interesting shop names when we went past the town where UC Berkeley was. Nonetheless, it seemed to have put him off car rides at least the day after because when his sister wanted to drive them all to the neighborhood playground, Calvin said he would rather walk, because you can’t do anything in the car and you can do lots of things walking. He even walked home after playing at the playground.


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