San Francisco (V) – Christmas and Flight Back

Just to finish off our adventure at San Francisco, because we cheaped out and were flying back on Christmas day itself, the kids opened their presents on Christmas eve. We were shocked by the huge and generous presents his sister gave to Calvin, well most of the shock was from wondering how we were going to pack the Lasy toy that was brought from Singapore, then another a big box of Legos and a really big rocket wall decal. In the end, we managed to fit most of the blocks in one carry on and the decal was rolled up and tucked into my travel backpack.

Except in the end, we forgot to grab our stroller from the garage and Calvin was wailing about it all the way through security. He was crying loudly while we followed the line through security. For some reason, the special line for family was only for those with strollers. He insisted that he was too tired to walk even though we woke up not too long ago. For some reason, after we came back from SFO, he started having lots of little tantrums like that for a few days. Maybe it was jetlag.

The flight back was 5 hours to Washington, then an hour-ish before our 50 min flight back to Cville. Everything else went pretty smoothly. We had our bagels with ham and cheese lunch again and plenty of snacks. The trip back somehow felt much easier. Maybe not having to wake up before 5 am helped.


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