Looking Back on 2013

It’s funny how much can change in one year when you are watching a child. One year ago, Calvin started feeding himself during mealtimes and was learning how to gargle. He also barely knew any chinese whereas I hear him singing a variety of chinese songs recently.

Throughout the year, he learned many more things like putting on his clothes and shoes, using the potty, falling asleep by himself at night and jumping with two legs off the ground. He had many new experiences too like joining the gym, visiting the kids museums, playing with sensory bins, planting and harvesting strawberries and tomatoes, lapbooking, hiking at Shenandoah National Park, playing with Lego and of course our trips to Virginia Beach, Washington and San Francisco.

On our part, we have overcome some personal hurdles and also Johnny passed his qualifying exams. Woot.

It certainly has been a hectic year. I didn’t even realize that so much has happened.


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