Parenting Sweet Spot – 4 years old

I think I’ve admitted before on the blog that I’ve only truly started enjoying being with Calvin a couple of months before he turned 4. Maybe that speaks of a lack of mothering instincts in me. Or maybe we were just going through so many changes before that I was too stressed to enjoy myself.

When we were at J’s sister’s place, I rehashed the same thing with his sister. She was asking me when I felt like it hit a sweet spot when it comes to enjoying our kids. I said “Right now.” I’m not sure if those were my exact words because in retrospect, it sounds almost like a philosophical enjoy the moment kind of answer when I truly mean that it is when they are 4 years old. Too young to be rebellious and have to worry about academics and old enough to be reasoned with and have a real conversation.

Sure, there are still things I worry about, but they are just minor stuff we want to work on. If there weren’t any worries, I would probably worry about the lack of worrying since it might mean I’m not vigilant enough. However, everyday I feel like I’m basking in a warm, quiet kind of happiness. I’m happy with myself, I’m happy with my son, I’m happy with my husband and I’m happy that we are family. Certainly, when I’m happy, I feel better able to take care of my two little rascals and to take their antics in stride.

Calvin is certainly growing up to be a sweet boy and I can see that his social skills are advancing. Today when I expressed frustration that the room is messy and I couldn’t find understands when I feel frustrated and is able to work on helping me out to make me feel better. He helped me clean up the play room today when I was upset that it was a mess and I couldn’t find anything. He’s also a lot more independent in taking care of himself, playing by himself during quiet time and falling asleep by himself which leaves more time for me to prepare fun things to do with him.
Whatever the reason, I guess I should just savor it while it lasts 🙂


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