Goals for the Mama – 1/3

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– Doing craft with buttons and cotton balls.
– Making and decorating his robot and accordion dragon
– Making a chinese lantern
– He’s now very adept at completing the 54 pc puzzles. I guess the hours of practice during quiet time really helps.
– He can also use the Lego tool to separate the pieces of Lego that he used to need our help with.
– Easily climb up his playground through the window

Robot Suit

Calvin the robot – aka Calbot

Goal 2: Chinese

– Chinese songs during quiet time
– Watched 巧虎
– Read 月亮的味道,巴巴爸爸找巴巴妈妈,巴巴爸爸回去地球, 克利克塔, 古力和古拉, 子儿吐吐, 嘿站住,快跑云梯消防车, 地下100 层的房子, 爷爷一定有办法,要是你给老鼠吃饼干, 地上100层的房子 x2, 我爸爸
– Flash cards of chinese characters. He’s not very interested in this anymore, maybe because the words are starting to not be in interesting new shapes. I’ll probably stop this and just read more books to him.

Goal 3: Math
– More counting practice. Somehow when he counts he misses number 16?

Goal 4: Reading

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Making paper cuttings
– Popping bubble wrap
– Left handed scissors seemed to be much easier for him to use. Maybe because they are sharper and the handles fit him better. In fact when I tried to use those scissors, I felt like it was difficult to cut the way I want to. I wonder if that’s how lefties feel when they use a right handed tool.

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