Where do you learn to talk like that? TV

Calvin has been picking up lots of silly actions and a smattering of American slang from the cartoon Paw Patrol. He’s been calling his dad and me ‘dude’; pretending to slam into a wall and then slide down with sound effects; pretending to fall then wagging his tongue left and right quickly and say ‘lelelele’, followed by ‘Made it’. And he started doing a lot of pretend play where he’s in the robot patrol and like the main character, Ryder, getting calls for emergencies and then he’ll have a variation of the show he watched.


I’m slightly disturbed by how much he picks up from TV. I can’t imagine what a kid who watches much more TV than he does would be like. As it is, I’ve been careful not to let him have too much screen time. Every day for an hour, he sits down for video time on the ipad. He’s been doing this since 18mths. Nowadays, I also show him an extra hour per week of 巧虎.

We don’t even have a TV at home since we rarely watch TV ourselves. Plus the temptation of the TV might be too great for both me and him. When we were at the hotel in Washington, he could probably watch TV the whole day if we allowed him. Except that he doesn’t like the older kids cartoons and gets a little scared when there are villains in the show, so we have to sit next to him and help him pick the ‘safe’ shows. He did like Tom and Jerry though. I guess the slapstick style of animated creatures doing mischief is still a big hit with kids.


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