Goals for the Mama – 1/10

Goal 1: Confidence Building
– He is keen to ride the carousel and can even go on a horse all by himself after trying it out on a carousel inside a little spinning cup together with me. I was all dizzy after that…
– Sliding down a slide really fast including the school one which he was hesitant to slide a few months back
– He can build simple models using Lasy (a race car) or Tinkertoy (plane, ‘bug’ with 4 legs) just from looking at the picture of the final product
– The younger kids in school seem to like him. I’m glad to see that he seems to be enjiying himself in school.

Goal 2: Chinese
– Read 蔬菜的化装舞会,100层的房子, 彩虹色的花, 小布丁爱偷听, 年兽的好爸爸, 我爸爸,鳄鱼怕怕牙医怕怕,包姆和凯罗的天空之旅, 月亮的味道, 石头小猪,小房子
– Watched 巧虎 x2
– More conversational Chinese. I’ve been trying to speak to him in Chinese (with translations if he shows me a blank look). Over the holidays, I lapsed back into English so I’m getting myself started again. Surprisingly, he seems to understand quite a few sentences now like if I ask him to 帮我开灯 or 现在几点钟? or when I said 爸爸睡着了

Goal 3: Math
– Getting him to count out the parts needed to build his Lasy or Tinkertoy creations from a picture
– Exploring patterns. He likes to make patterns with his building blocks and really enjoyed the book ‘Pattern Fish’ that we borrowed from the library.

Goal 4: Reading
– Reading titles of books
– Sounding out words that we point out in books

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– He seems to really enjoy snipping with his lefty scissors. He snipped up a storm with random pieces of paper. He can follow a straight line and cut through all the way. I only helped him hold the other side of the paper so it won’t flop over.


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