Yes Mum


Our post-Christmas Christmas decoration

It is funny how I’ve never noticed that I have a character trait that J does not have. I’m not sure what to call it. Take for example, a couple of days ago, Calvin noticed my clothesline going across the dining room with some clothes hanging on it. I took it down so it wouldn’t be in the way, but Calvin suggested we put it up so we can hang some Christmas decorations. This is despite Christmas being long over. Me being me, I said yes and started hunting for things we could hang up, getting yarn to tie them up etc. As we finished decorating the clothesline, it occurred to me that J might just tell him that’s not what the clothesline is for and that mama needs it or something like that. Maybe partly because I know J doesn’t like crafty stuff and also because he’s a stickler for what I call visual tidiness or a propensity to pick out things that look like it doesn’t belong.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing except we have a sensitive child who doesn’t take well to rejection and gets rather discouraged. So it’s good that I’m usually around to take care of Calvin and we can work on any wild or silly ideas that daddy might not want to do. I think it all started as one of my mum survival tools when he was a toddler. I try to say yes to most of his requests as long as it’s not dangerous or off limits (too far away, too expensive etc). It does mean that sometimes we take walks when I should be cooking. It does give Calvin a lot more autonomy to decide on what to do and that made him a lot happier in his toddler years.

But it does mean that most of our play is unstructured, except when I organize some craft for him as part of our lapbook project. We did try some things like board games or games with rules but they usually end up being done in his own way….. I call him my free-spirited boy…

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