Mama, would you play *** with me?

*** recently seems to be more like trains – i.e. making us drive a particular train on his tracks while he drives something else; or playing Christmas present wrapping i.e. he wrapped up his random toys with scrap paper or put them in boxes/watering can and ‘gave’ them to us (now that I think about it, the idea might have been from the book ‘Benjamin’s 365 Birthdays’ where the boy wrapped up something in his house everyday so he can receive it as a present and he ended up wrapping up his house)

The past two days he has been pestering us endlessly to play these games with him. Yesterday alone, I must have driven his trains around at least 10 times. He calls for me when I’m preparing his snack, while I’m cooking lunch, the moment I stand up after dinner etc etc etc.  I feel guilty just for taking some much needed breaks to check my email or fiddle on the iPad. To be honest though, there’s a limit to how many times I can drive those trains around regardless of how idle I am.

My theory is that it’s because we’ve been more engaged in playing  mobile games on the iPad and Galaxy Tab and not paying as much attention to him. And ever since I caught a cold last week and started taking naps in the afternoon, he suddenly reverted to taking naps together with me. I’m not sure if he’s getting any more sleep though. He still wakes up too early, sleeps two hours later and then takes 2 hour naps… In fact, if anything he looks more tired and cranky than before, so that might have contributed to his extreme ‘stickiness’. Today was extraordinarily bad since he started having bouts of temper tantrums the whole morning until he managed to get a nap and he was back to his normal chirpy self.


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