Goals for the Mama – 1/24

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building
– Helped to clean up his toys
– Made an invitation card for Cyrus to invite him to our house. He drew the cutest stick figure of Cyrus with legs up like a ‘V’ which he says means that Cyrus is running towards him.
– Told us he played with Cyrus in school today. They played a game called Noise Bingo.
– He entertained himself at the restaurant by playing a ‘step only on the white tile’ game while we finish dinner.

Goal 2: Chinese

– Read 巴巴爸爸的马戏团x3,巴巴爸爸去火星旅行, 落叶跳舞,肚子里的火车站, 巴巴爸爸找巴巴妈妈, 巴巴爸爸建新家x3, 巴巴爸爸回到地球,
– Watched 巧虎x3

Goal 3: Math
– Added things like how many times he gargled, packs of sugar at the restaurant

Goal 4: Reading

Goal 5: Fine motor skills

– Played with beans (burying trains, making pies/ cakes/ ice cream, burying spaceships, running bean factory)


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