Pretend Play Fun

Its been a lot more interesting doing pretend play with Calvin. Most of the time, we’re playing Transformers, but there is a lot more variety to his play and the stories he tells can get quite vivid and exciting. He is totally obsessed with the 1st Generation Transformers with the super boxy robots. Yes, that is the one me and J watched when we were kids. He’s watched the old movie so many times that he thinks the flashy new ones look strange.

He’s been giving his toys names, usually random but consistent. Names like Fresh, Rauder, Constructy, Smasher (that doesn’t smash), Doah the robot dog etc. And then all the car minions will come out when Decepticons attack and we are “outnumbered”, as Perceptor in the movie says.

As he reads more books, he gets new ideas to interject into the movies too, like space bandits that attack and then get smashed by him. And then he talks about how we need strategy to win. I was pretty impressed with his vocabulary even if it’s all in the context of shooting and killing imaginary evil robots. Sometimes I wonder if we should try to stop him from the more violent pretend play but it’s probably cathartic and we do try to give him suggestions to capture them and put them in jail or make them fall asleep or chase them away etc. His recent compromise is that after he smashes them, he fixes them up and change them to be good autobots.

Some of the props we use are pretty hilarious. Like big toilet roll packs as launchers, long blocks/rulers for swords, large rectangles Lego covers, little bowls for shields, Easter basket as helmet and also Tinkertoy gun or even at times just a hand gun (he poked his thumb down and explained that it is the handle).

His playground is finally getting a lot more use as his fortress/ space shuttle/ factory. He’s having so much fun climbing all over it that it dashed my plans to sell it if we move to the university’s family apartment.


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