Feeling Old

Recently, I feel like there’s just so much I’d like to do and so little time. Most of the time, it’s sleep that gets sacrificed which is totally not ideal because I certainly can feel that I am much worse with less sleep – irritable, no patience, harsher with my words etc, which in turn makes me unhappy because I’ve done some mean things. So ironically, trying to squeeze more pleasures into my life makes me less happy. You’d think after reaching this conclusion I would just go to sleep earlier but there’s just so many temptations. Apart from the usual cooking, cleaning, shopping and general household maintenance, there is a book I’d like to continue, Calvin’s lapbook projects to work on, planning our trip back to Singapore, playing this Puzzle Quest mobile game that is pretty time consuming, just plain playing with Calvin…

I sure feel kinda tired and old, especially when my joints ache and there is white hair on my head. I guess it’s more like “Welcome to reality” after all those years of not feeling not much different from when I graduated from university. I’m tempted blame it on the whole “See what a kid does to you” thing but I think it really is just a sudden realization of how my body is changing. Okay, time to get to reading and then sleep!


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