Snow Days

We had a great big blizzard last week, which saw more than 15 inches of snow dumped on us. It started snowing at night and I decided to bring out our big sandbox size plastic container so we can bring in the fresh snow tomorrow for some digging fun. When we woke up the next morning, the whole container was completely buried in snow. Calvin and I had a fun time digging it out and we ended up spending quite a bit of time outside, digging around and I was making a snowman. It was probably the best snowman I’ve ever made, not that I’ve made many to date. We barely made a dent in that fluffy, powdery, marshmallow looking snow. We went back inside when it started to rain.


We brought in our nice tub of snow so we could continue digging. Calvin decided to bring out his construction vehicles and we used the bean tub for snow painting. We spent the whole morning that way and then in the afternoon,it was raining so we didn’t make any more forays out in the snow.

The next morning, we started round two of the digging duo. Calvin wanted to dig out the recycling bin that was buried under the snow on the sidewalk. All we could see of them were little mounds that were a little higher than the rest. So armed with a shovel, a Duplo box cover and our boots, we went out to dig. I was in front digging a little path before us, while Calvin followed behind, widening the path or doing whatever catches his fancy. We managed to dig a path to that little mound and Calvin excitedly dug it out like it was a pirate’s treasure box laden with loot. Later, we moved on to dig a path leading to our car so we can help clean ‘Car-ry’. That in fact, took more than an hour for us to get to the car and then clean it all off.

When I got in the house, I decided to check my email and saw that his schoolmates were going sledding and I thought ‘Hey, maybe we could sled down the little slope down to the parking area.’ We started looking around the house for a makeshift sled. We scrounged up a few plastic covers and I thought the laundry basket might do the trick. J tried out the plastic cover, but the incline didn’t seem steep enough for him. We had Calvin sit in the laundry basket sled while I pull him around. The snow where we had dug was too lumpy, so he ended up bumping and thumping all around. We finally got him on the slope, papa pushed while mama pushed on the path we had dug while Calvin was on the untouched smooth snow. He had lots of fun and started to say ‘Again!’. One time, Calvin and the whole basket just toppled sideways onto the snow and we all laughed.



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