Inherited Food Preferences?

I’m starting to wonder if food preferences are hereditary. Calvin seems to like the same type of food that we enjoy. Or is it simply a matter of exposure?

There are a few things that he enjoyed from the start without any encouragement from us. I remembered that he liked lamb the very first time he tried it on the flight to US. He was 1.5 years then. I thought kids tend to reject meat especially the strong tasting ones especially since it requires a lot of chewing. This was especially surprising because he refused to eat any puree except jarred ones at 1 year of age because the texture didn’t agree with him. Now he loves most red meat especially duck, lamb and beef. He loves pork too. Chicken only if it’s roasted till the skin is crisp. When I was young, my whole family loved lamb too which was a bit of an anomaly among chinese people who rarely eat lamb.

And recently, Calvin has been obssessed with dried seaweed sheets. I used to be the only person in my house who had to have a huge sheet of seaweed in my noodles. J used to say I was like a cow eating grass (小牛吃草)when I voraciously snacked on the little seaweed packets. I haven’t even been snacking on it nowadays until Calvin started it. This latest pack of seaweed seems to taste extra fragrant too.

He’a not a big fan of greens but considering that he still eats a fair amount and does not protest if I ask him to eat some, I think it’s pretty good. I only ate a few green vegetables when I was young too. I was a fruit fan just like him. We both love watermelon too. He also loves strawberries which I did not try until I was much older.

It’s probably just a combination of both as with all things. After all, he’s surrounded by food choices that I make so the things he like can’t fall too far from the things either enjoy. I wouldn’t buy or cook food I do not enjoy, at least not often.


One Response to “Inherited Food Preferences?”

  1. mummyummy Says:

    it probably makes sense that he has inherited food preference. and apparently his food preference can be influenced by what you ate when you were pregnant, because at some point during the 9 months, their taste buds develop and so they can indirectly taste food.

    for example, my Little Buddy used to kick quite a bit when we went fine-dining (although i’m not sure if it’s from tasting the food, or because i released happy hormones because i was happy), also he kicked quite violently when i drank a very sour lime juice!

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