Goals for the Mama – 2/28

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building
– Noticed that Calvin has been talking more with the other kids at school. He went up to some boys to ask them what they were doing. The clique just ignored him. I had to wonder if boys in Asian countries have such cliques. In general, even when they get older, the boys I knew were rather easy going and do not have rigid cliques and do not deliberately exclude others. In fact, girls were more likely to do that. Is this a cultural difference? Calvin seemed unfazed. He also went up to another boy who was holding a space book and tried to talk to him about asteroids.

– Calvin enjoys going for show and tell. Last week, he told the other children about e World War II book. This week, it was about the planets. I’ve been trying to stop him from bringing toys (which the teachers discourage). Though for the first show and tell of the year, he was talking about his emergency jeep. I didn’t even know he was going to use it for show and tell. He just asked me to put his yellow bucket in his bag and I said it wouldn’t fit, so he asked me to put the truck in instead.

– He’s been trying hard to stop his upset emotions from showing, or as he called it ‘held it in’. I’m not sure if it’s something I should encourage him. On the one hand, I don’t want him to think he cannot share his sadness but he does get overly upset from small disruptions to his plan. Socially, it’s probably better for him to be able to not show weakness to potential bullies. I praised him for trying hard but also acknowledged that he was upset that I did not have any more popcorn in the bag and then after that we worked out a solution together – make more popcorn!

– He recognize the need to wait for papa and mama to finish what we are saying before interrupting.

– Helped me to sort and pair up socks and put the laundry away.

Goal 2: Chinese
– Read 落叶跳舞,月亮的味道,彩虹色的花, 小步走路,鲁拉鲁先生的院子,失落的一角x2, 蔬菜的化妆舞会
– Watched 巧虎x3
– Asked me what 神气 means in a song then observed that it’s different from 生气

Goal 3: Math
– Counted in two counting books. He can count up to 15 with ease.
– Played a subtraction game by pretending to at up some of the food picture and counting what is left.
– Compared two numbers to see which is bigger e.g. 9 is bigger than 6

Goal 4: Reading
– Learned the difference between past tense and present tense
– I noticed there are some words, especially if they are in big print, that he can read by sight. Like ‘Boom’. I’m still wondering how much he can actually read.
– He spelled his own name with the magnetic letters.

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Cut out more car pictures


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