Goals for the Mama – 3/14

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building
– Dressed up with his police helmet, backpack and emergency box (empty RC truck box) and wanted to go outside for an adventure right before bedtime. I told him either 1) he can go out but have no story time or 2) have story time and save the going out for tomorrow。  He was disappointed but eventually said “I don’t like both of those choices but I’ll choose story time anyway.”

– Enjoys helping to clean up. I let him carry plates, his snack bowl or ketchup bottle to the kitchen after meals/ snack.

Goal 2: Chinese
– Watched 巧虎 x2

– Made jokes about 好章鱼 (好脏),好鳄鱼(好饿)


Goal 3: Math

– Count up to 25 while we were scraping snow off the car


Goal 5: Fine motor skills

– More cutting practice


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