Calvin the Dreamer

Calvin has started to enjoy sleep time a lot more. Some nights, when we leave him, he’ll cheer and declare that he can now dream. He has a few dreams in his list – first is Paw Patrol, Lightning McQueen, then Transformers, and something else that I can’t remember. Just now he was telling me “Mama, do you know why I don’t bring my toys to bed anymore? That’s because I’m too busy dreaming”

The only downside is that he likes to day dream after he wakes up too and it sometimes make it hard for us to get to school in time. When I try to get him to hurry up and stop his usual antics, he gets into a bad mood. He certainly doesn’t take well to being rushed in the morning, which means we will have to wake up even earlier. He dawdles so much that sometimes I still have time to spare after preparing breakfast and getting myself ready.


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