Spring Break

Last week was spring break and school was closed. The weather had been great so we spent quite a bit of time outdoors.

We played with water guns outside and Calvin has been having fun with his camera taking lots of pictures. It’s a kids digital camera but it’s encased in tough plastic so it won’t break when it drops. I bought it on a whim off craigslist quite a while back and it’s finally seen good use recently. Calvin is quite the artist. He’ll take pictures of anything and he even talks about the composition e.g. how there’s a car here and papa is next to it… And he sprayed water on the glass door before he took a picture of it.

Calvin's Pictures

Pictures that Calvin took


Serious Photographer

We had a picnic lunch outside our house. Calvin helped me cut up strawberries and cucumber for our fruit salad and vegetable. Of course it would have been much faster doing it myself but it was fun to have him help out in the kitchen. We had a good meal of quesadilla, cucumber with carrots and strawberries with watermelon. We normally don’t have fruit with our meals but it just seemed right to have a bigger spread for a picnic. At any rate, we polished off most of the food and it was great sitting out there enjoying the wonderful weather.

Spring also meant that my plants have rejuvenated themselves. Surprisingly, the strawberry plants are still thriving in their little pots. I might need to give them fertilizer though if I want them to bear any fruit but we are going on vacation this summer so they’ll probably die out while we are gone. Now I know why people always ask their neighbors to water their plants. Hopefully we’ll see some strawberries grow out again >_< Calvin and I made our own bubble solution to play out on the balcony with this recipe.

1 cup water
2 Tablespoon dish washing detergent
1 TBS sugar
1 TBS glycerin (I think people normally use sugar or glycerin and not both but I decided to toss in both)

Then we made our own bubble blower – a straw!

Then J brought him to the park with his tricycle and he had a grand time cycling down the ramps.

We had many walks and picked up flowers and other random things as ‘souvenirs’

I planned some special indoor activities for him too when I was trying to distract him so we could catch a breather πŸ˜› I almost felt guilty except I planned lots of fun activities to occupy his time so it’s a win-win for all of us.

One of the activities was playing with waterbeads. The fun thing about these beads is that when they are in the water, they look fuzzy and the transparent one almost disappears. See in the picture, one was when it was just the beads and the other when I filled it with water. It’s also all sparkly and bounces really well. Calvin had a grand time that day. He played with it before when he mostly squashed the whole tub I have him. This time, he was scooping them out, getting himself all wet, using the sieve and repeatedly doing the magic with ‘disappearing’ transparent beads when he immersed them in the water. He said to me “Mama, pretend that you don’t know the transparent beads are there.” So I had to pretend to be surprised like over 10 times when more beads than I thought appeared in his container.


And then after that, we got him to take a bath together with …… water balloons and bubbles. He was busily pretending that the balloons were puffer fish and making them disappear in the misty water.

We also played with a perennial favorite, making fizzy ‘volcanoes’ with baking soda and vinegar.

Oh and not to mention he now thinks spring break means he can have ice cream. I try to plan these treats for special occasions just so he doesn’t expect them all the time but maybe that just means we have started a new kind of expectation I guess we can also call it tradition πŸ˜›

All in all it was a busy week,Β  and I’m glad we’re seeing much warmer weather!


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