Goals for the Mama – 4/4

I missed last week’s update but most of it was what we did in spring break so I’ll put whatever I still remember in here too.

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building

– Rode on his tricycle down many ramps at the park and at a ramp near our house. Ended up falling down both times but was brave  and managed to endure it. He has a cute tiny clawmark like scab on his nose now, which looks like a little kitten scratched his nose.

– Had quite a few tantrums last week when he didn’t get his way and tried to hit us or deliberately defy us. E.g. throwing things on the floor after I told him not to. So he got a time-out for both of those occasions. Doesn’t quite understand the concept of timeout yet so he was mainly sitting in my lap so I could restrain him while I try not to speak to him or look at him until he calms down.

– Learned to tie a knot


Goal 2: Chinese

– Asked me why it was so dark one day and I told him “因为外面下雨 (because it’s raining outside)” He understood though he replied in English. I guess understanding comes before communicating >_<

– Listened to chinese music during quiet time. Added some new songs for variety because he seems to pick up words from songs much easier probably due to repetition.

– Watched 巧虎 x4

– Unfortunately, I haven’t found more interesting books to read to him recently. Probably need to work harder on that.

– He corrected his dad when he got 粉红 and 彩虹 confused.


Goal 3: Math


Goal 4: Reading

– Not really related to his literacy skill, but he enjoyed the story time at the library immensely. He was like the typical kid, always wanting to answer all the questions. The next week when we went for story time, he quickly ran off because he was ‘tired of the story’. So it was either the novelty effect or he only likes it for certain books.


Goal 5: Fine motor skills

– Cutting confidently with his scissors. He loves that pair of ‘fire-body’ scissors as he calls it. That’s the only one he looks for now. The others right handed scissors are now ‘mama’s’ scissors. I remembered how apprehensive we were when he started using that new sharp scissors. I was practically hovering over him, warning him not to point the scissors at his own finger when he cuts.


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