Goals for the Mama – 4/11

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building
– Cycled to the park nearby
– Helped me make watermelon popsicles
– Had a picnic at the park
– Attended his friend’s party at the park and enjoyed himself playing
– Had to give him another time out. He was hitting me when feeling angry or frustrated and started throwing his toys too. He had been having little outbursts the whole morning which he managed to held back many times, so this is probably the final eruption since we are in the comfort of our home. Being sleepy from waking up too early in the morning didn’t help at all.

Goal 2: Chinese

Goal 3: Math
– Counted and found matching items (like clocks) in his counting book
– Compared two pictures on the book and told me what was different about them

Goal 4: Reading
– Sounded out some words while reading

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Decorated cards for his classmates.  He dictated and I wrote the message and I got him to sign his name at the end by holding his hand.
– Lots more cars being cut out


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