Easter Egg Hunt

J’s adviser was very kind to invite us to his place for an Easter Egg hunt again this year. He has two grandchildren – the granddaughter, A, is a day older than Calvin. Calvin still remembers being there last year. His memory of everything within 1 year is pretty vivid – he can remember the songs and plays he did in school last year.

When we arrived, Calvin quickly started following A and her ‘boy’ friend around when they run upstairs and downstairs. Later, after the egg hunt was concluded, he followed the other children around when they were chasing after a ball. He started running around with them even though he didn’t seem to know what was going on. Later when the big boys were talking amongst themselves, he went close to them and tried to talk to them even though they ignored him. I’ve never seen him so proactive in seeking out other children before, but I’m happy to see him try.  I wonder why he doesn’t do this in school though. Did he perhaps experienced rejection before and does not want to try again? At least he wasn’t wandering off by himself like a lone ranger this time. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s better for him to meet new children, maybe he’ll exhibit the same enthusiasm?

The egg hunt was great fun. It’s funny how hard it can be for kids to find things that adults can find easily because of their lack of experience. The other time at a birthday party, the kids were all looking for a hidden clue which was stuck under the slide. All of them looked around on the ground and took a while before one of them finally decided to look higher than floor level. Calvin was disappointed that he did not manage to find the special golden egg and was almost about to burst out crying. I’m not sure if I should feel glad that he got distracted by the candy in the eggs he did find and was all cheerful again afterwards. Children are so easy to bribe….189

We are now rationing out his candy to 2-3 pieces a day. I have to say we trained him well because he doesn’t ask to eat it though he will ask very indirectly “When will I get to eat candy/ popsicle/ ice cream again?” Am I depriving the poor little man? >_<




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