Goals for the Mama – 4/18

Goal 1: Confidence/ Character Building
– Tried to play with the other children at easter egg hunt
– Climbed up and down rocky paths by himself while his parents watch in consternation as he was close to the cliff
– Went to look at new apartment surroundings to get him used to the idea of moving.

Goal 2: Chinese
– Started talking to him in Chinese again. Have been lapsing back to English. He understands  大, 小, 热, 冷, 高, 矮
– Started putting in Chinese audio books in his quiet time playlist

Goal 3: Math
– Completed space themed patterns

Goal 4: Reading
– Unscrambled planet names by sounding it out. Used magnetic letters I picked up from the library sale.

Goal 5: Fine motor skills
– Built lots and lots of Lasy vehicles/ robots and knick knacks. He still needs me to take some parts off some times but some of those parts give me trouble too.


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