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Singapore Vacation 2014

July 22, 2014

Our 2 month long vacation is over. I haven’t blogged much but thought it would be nice to have a brief summary to remind me of the things we did.

1. Gardens by the Bay

The spray park was a little too exciting for Calvin with the many water traps that pours bucket loads of water on your heads. We played a little at the toddler area before moving to the adventure park which had interesting webs and mini suspension bridges and also a playground. We then walked to the Art Science Museum for the…..


2. Dinosaur Exhibit at Art Science Museum

Calvin was not as excited about the dinosaurs as I thought he would be though he did enjoy the interactive displays like the little program  There was a preschool/ kindergarten group having a field trip there.

3. Sentosa

Calvin was more excited about going to the Port of Lost Wonder than the aquarium. We started at the aquarium but he got bored of it near the end. I would have loved to spend a little more time just staring at the puffy jellyfish but with a kid’s attention span I think we did pretty good. The port of Lost Wonder is like a water park/ swimming pool. With some encouragement and because he wanted to slide his toys down, he tried  going down the water slide a couple of times with me slowing him so he won’t splash water all over. I’m proud that he managed it even though he did not like the water spraying at his face.

After that we went to try out the luge. Calvin loved it so much that we went another round even though it was time to head home. We went down on two luges and Calvin was first riding with his papa and on the second ride with me. He liked the thrill of winning the race against me/ J and in fact would keep pushing my handlebars to make us speed up. Frankly, I was worried when we went too fast but Calvin seemed to feel safe and secure with us driving.  I ended up with a sore arm after that ride from trying to slow us down enough to go around the obstacles. We also passed a little boy who looked just old enough to ride on his own and he was telling his dad worriedly that he doesn’t have enough strength to handle the brakes “我没有力”.

We didn’t want to brave the rush hour crowd on the way home so we had dinner at Marche before heading back.


4. Science center

Calvin 0614 (48)

Singapore Science Center

We went to the smaller exhibit where they had robot animals and interactive games to play like puzzles, a running track that checks how fast you are. We also explored the optical illusions along the corridor In the main exhibit area, we saw the Teslar coil demonstration and tried out some of the sound experiments though quite a number of the displays were not functional.
5. Playgrounds

Apart from the usual playground near our house we also brought Calvin to the water playground at Changi Point and Tampines 1 and also mall playgrounds at the airport and Junction 8 (the cage climber). When we were in Malaysia, he also had a go at one of the paid indoor playground which has those fancy ball pits, merry go round etc. At least it was not as exorbitant as the ones in Singapore.
6. East Coast park

He went fishing a few times though he didn’t seem very keen to touch the fish because they were flapping about. He did picked one up finally and decided to put it back into the water.

We spent quite a few evenings just digging around in the sand, making sand castles. At least now Calvin is comfortable with having the waves lapping on his feet.
7. Swimming pool

Swam at the Sengkang swimming pool and the condo swimming pools a few times. Calvin still doesn’t want to get his head wet but at least he is getting better at blowing bubbles and more comfortable in the pool.

8. Legoland

Calvin went on a roller coaster!! Though I think thankfully he probably won’t be too keen on them. We both went with him and I had to say even though it was a tiny roller coaster, I felt a little scared and uncomfortable. I really am sensitive to motion. *thinks of the time when I puked my guts out on a whale spotting boat ride*

The theme park was relatively empty maybe because it was a rainy day and the intermittent rain made the weather cool and bearable. We had a good time trying out rides and games like the one where we operate a hand cart fire engine. Mr Calvin was being supervisor and cheerleader while the parents worked hard. What Calvin really liked though was the castle playground which was huge. There were also lots of areas where we could stop and just build Lego to take a break. Too bad he was not old enough for the Lego robots session and he was very disappointed.

The Lego hotel was also a big hit especially the treasure hunt that gave him a couple of small bags of Lego. Everywhere were huge Lego statues and also blocks for the children to play with.

Legoland MiniWorldLegoland Playground
9. Cameron Highland

Traveled with my sister’s family and my parents to stay at an apartment there. The winding road up was pretty nauseating @_@ We visited the tea plantation, strawberry farm and butterfly park. On the last day, while we were exploring, I fell on the stairs and bonked my tailbone. Lucky for me, I recovered in about a week though for a while it hurt so much that I was feeling faint >_< Lesson learnt – never walk on slippery stairs.
10. Lots and lots of golden kiwi and Ribena

Calvins Latest Loves

July 19, 2014
  • Chuck the truck
  • Transformers – Superion, Omega supreme (7 Aug edit: we had to stop him watching Transformers at all since he started talking like the shows. We could barely understand what he wanted to say)
  • Lego Chima – he claims to love them even though we have only watched one eepisode and i had no idea what was going on.
  • Watching movies like Shrek, Monsters Inc, Planes,
  • Enjoying chinese lessons. We’ve moved into book 2 of 基础汉字. He can effortlessly remember most of the characters even after a 10 day hiatus. Even pointed out the word 家 on the restaurant signboard which said 酒家.
  • Climb up and down rope structures with confidence. Even attempted wobbly bridge thingies.

Visiting the Doctor and Dentist

July 17, 2014

After much procrastination, we finally scheduled our doctor and dental appointment for the last week of our Singapore stay, right after coming back after a week of being in Malaysia visiting J’s relatives and my parents.

The next day, we went to a local polyclinic so he can get one of the injections he missed. We used to bring him to a pediatrician nearby but after enduring the doctor’s tardiness, blase attitude and on top of all that, outrageous bills, I thought we might as well give the government run clinic a try.

The clinic was much bigger than I thought and we barely had to wait even though there were quite a number of people in the waiting room. I’m not sure if it was because we had an appointment or if young children had priority over other patients. We first went to the immunization room where the nurse helped to perform the 4 year old growth and developmental assessments. The nurse interviewing me was a little stern and seemed almost bored as she went through the list in the health booklet. Near the end, Calvin was asked if he could hop on one leg. We said he hasn’t really tried it before so Calvin gave it a try. His first try was a short little hop before he landed on both feet. He decided to keep on trying while talking and explaining to the nurse that he needed to practice in his usual verbosity. That finally charmed a chuckle out of the stern nurse.

The 4 year old check also included an eye test since Singapore kids are often myopic. To our surprise and dismay, we found that he is myopic and that his left eye was much worse than the right, which could lead to lazy eye. Premature children have a higher chance of myopia so maybe that is it. Or could be plain genetics at work since we are both myopic.

The doctor at the clinic did not refer us to the refraction clinic despite the results. He was quite young and most children get their referrals through the staff from the Health Promotion Board who visits kindergartens to perform eye checkups. By the time I realized we needed a referral and not just pop in to your neighbourhood optician for his followup eye check, we were already set to fly off to the USA. After some thought, we decided to get him checked next year since he doesn’t do much near work right now and I highly doubt he will wear glasses when we are outdoors even if we got him a prescription.

A day after the doctor’s visit, we brought him to a rather well known pediatric dentist at Mt Elizabeth. It s more expensive than a regular dentist but she is good with children and the clinic is outfitted to entertain kids – TV on the ceiling above the dentist chair, TV, toys and even a Wii at the waiting area. She commented that he has a perfect bite and his teeth looks fine. She was telling me that we should give him a toothpaste with flouride instead of the kids toothpaste and other tips to keep his teeth healthy. Calvin was a little squirmy when she used the electric toothbrush on him but he was a real champ throughout the visit.

Calvin on Outgrowing Toys

July 11, 2014

I found a rather battered transformer in my old desk in Malaysia and gave it to Calvin. I was telling him about how I havent played with it for 20 years and then Calvin started sounding a little weepy.

C: You mean when I grow up, I won’t be playing with my Transformers?
Mama: When you outgrow them maybe you can pack them up like how Andy did in Toy Story.
Papa: Yeah, then you can give it to your children next time and they can play with it.
C: Then I wont be able to play with them if I give them away. >wah wah….crying followed<