Calvins Latest Loves

  • Chuck the truck
  • Transformers – Superion, Omega supreme (7 Aug edit: we had to stop him watching Transformers at all since he started talking like the shows. We could barely understand what he wanted to say)
  • Lego Chima – he claims to love them even though we have only watched one eepisode and i had no idea what was going on.
  • Watching movies like Shrek, Monsters Inc, Planes,
  • Enjoying chinese lessons. We’ve moved into book 2 of 基础汉字. He can effortlessly remember most of the characters even after a 10 day hiatus. Even pointed out the word 家 on the restaurant signboard which said 酒家.
  • Climb up and down rope structures with confidence. Even attempted wobbly bridge thingies.

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