Day Trip to Staunton

We took a day trip to Staunton to visit the Frontier Culture museum and the miniature train at Gipsy Hill Park. It was a perfect day to be out – sunny but not scorching, cloudy but not raining and blustery gusts to cool our weary feet. We started at the museum since it involves a lot of walking and a good thing too because about an hour after we started, Calvin was already clamoring to go home. We still had half the exhibits to explore and we haven’t even been to the park yet! We persuaded him to have a rest and a snack to refuel before continuing since it was close to noon, which is our customary lunchtime. Children can be such primal creatures though, tired = rest = go home. I guess he has not learnt that sometimes being hungry or thirsty may affect energy levels too.

True enough, after some refreshments and a cooling face wash, we were able to continue and finish walking through most of the exhibits. My favorite part was the live animals. We saw a dirty pig squelching in the mud, half his body submerged and his snout all covered in mud from rooting around in it. There were plenty of  other farm animals like ducks, geese, chickens, cows and goats too. The authenticity of the place was refreshing – you could really draw water from a well, they had working looms that can weave, they planted real corn, sunflowers, squash, the forge was burning coal and had bellows attached etc. In fact, the farm buildings were even moved all the way from the various places in Europe i.e. England, Germany and Ireland.

We had lunch and set off to the park. It was pretty fun even though we arrived in the heat of the mid afternoon sun and couldn’t enjoy the playground very well. There were ducks to feed at the duck pond, the miniature train ride, a big playground with some interesting equipment, exercise station, swimming pool … Me and Calvin were both tired out by the time we headed home. I was admittedly the stronger “carcoleptic” – I fell asleep almost instantly. I blame it on the sun.

Gipsy Hill Train

Sep 1 – Gipsy Hill Train Ride

Frontier Museum

Sep 1 – Frontier Culture Museum


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