Calvin Making Friends

For some reason, I have many unfinished drafts sitting around but I seem more interested in starting new posts because I worry that I will forget my new ideas. Somehow my old ones are all neglected and dying a slow death by neglect. It’s ironic that I’ve wanted to be a writer when I was young but I haven’t been putting effort to do actual writing or even reading for a long time. Anyway, enough of the ramblings.

I am very pleased to see Calvin’s social skills beginning to blossom. Everyday, he has been playing with his best friend, Cy. The teachers have dubbed them ‘inseparable’. He comes home telling us about how they play ‘mixy-mucks’ out in the school yard by mixing up the brown and white sand and also having the occasional stone; they play with blocks in the Bird room pretending to drive boats. Calvin has become better at listening to others and playing cooperatively. In fact, he has also been conversing with some other children. I saw him talking to L**m and D****n while waiting at the wall or having lunch. I am glad to see him venturing out of his comfort zone of playing by himself.

The funny thing is, just as he is getting comfortable, we start to worry about the time when he has to say goodbye. With a possible big move looming up ahead, I especially feel the need to make wonderful memories. Sure, they will attend different schools next year even if we stayed but if we moved away, chances are they may never see each other again. It’s a little sad to think that our choices will affect him in such a big way. Which reminds me that I should bring my camera along to school next time I co-op so I can take some pictures of them together. Maybe we’ll put together a memento when we leave. I laugh to see my hallmark preemptive thinking in action, always preparing for the negative things that might happen but hopefully for a good cause which is to sharpen our appreciation for the present.

Calvin with his best friend at the last day of school May 2014

Calvin with his best friend at the last day of school May 2014


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