Hiking at Shenandoah National Park

074We took advantage of the good weather and the free park day to visit the national park again. We had to squeeze in our weekly shopping trips in the morning before We packing a picnic lunch as per Calvin’s request – a grape and tomato and cucumber (instead of lettuce) salad, chips for snack; papa had a turkey bacon wrap from HT; I made some ham and cheese rolls and a banana and strawberry yogurt that Calvin and I shared.

This time, we tried the Story of the Forest trail, which is a well maintained nature trail that brings you through the forest from Big Meadows to Black Rock trail. It was about 1 mile and mostly flat ground. Not terribly exciting but it was a nice place for a walk. Having gamboled through it, Calvin was naturally tired and we waited by the road close to Black Rock campsite while papa walked the remaining 0.7 mile back to get our car. While I whipped out Calvin’s chip snack (it is a rare treat for our outing), a group of three deer wandered out frommthe forest and started grazing at a patch across the road. It is funny how we didn’t see any wild life during our walk, only to find some out here in the open.

When papa came back with the car, we went off to Blackrock trail. This has been our 3rd time there I think. Calvin enjoys it a lot. It is a very short and easy trail to the outlook and he likes to play among the rocks. Today, there were a couple of puddles there and we spent our time trying to write and draw with water and a variety of painting implements – rocks, ferns, leaves, cattails… After we tried to have our little waterfall on the rocks, which turned out to be more like a trickle, we decided to head home. Being in the sun totally knocked me and Calvin out in the car. Poor J had to drive on with two snoring piglets behind him.

On our way back, we stopped to see a monster truck called the Raminator on display outside a car showroom. Calvin was very excited though he started off a little drowsy and reticent. It turned out that the Raminator team is as famous as the Big Foot team in monster truck circuits.



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