A Taste of Leadership

Calvin is cur2014-10-01 00.02.19rently the oldest child in his preschool since he didn’t meet the cut off for kindergarten. He has been talking about how he is one of the strongest/ fastest/ biggest boy in school because I guess that’s how kids like to perceive themselves. Today, when I picked him up from school, his teacher (H) was telling me about how he came up with the idea of the costume that his best friend had – two arm bands and a crown. The insect hat is the usual craft they make for their insect theme. Calvin began telling me excitedly about how everyone followed his ideas twice today. First at meeting time when H asked them to make insect antennas and Calvin presumably took the lead and everyone followed suit (“All except M.” Calvin said.) And then when they did the craft, he had the idea of poking his arm through two sheets of paper that were stuck together to form a hole. So his best friend made two arm bands and Calvin had one, but Calvin had something the rest did not have – he had a suit that goes around his body. He sounded very proud of himself and I am glad that he is having wonderful experiences at school.


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