Night Waking

Calvin has been waking up almost every night for the past 2 weeks, reminiscent of his baby and toddler time. The worst part is that he is usually having night terrors and he will scream and mutter random things like “Get it now!” “It will be too late in the morning” “Give me back my toy, R (I thought he said Ryder from paw patrol but papa thinks he said this kid’s name”. At first I thought he might be waking up because of a full bladder but part of it might also be because he is experiencing some stress in school related to dealing with novel social situations.

Calvin is very easygoing and he tends to avoid conflict because it distresses him. Even conflict that he watches on a very child friendly cartoon makes him close his ears and turn around like it was a scary movie. When someone barged into his digging spot, he told them “I was here first” but when the other boy insisted he was there first too, he gave in and decided to go find another spot, except he obviously felt unhappy about it after that. Then yesterday, he told me about how R snatched away his fire patterned cloth so he couldn’t put up the fire where he wanted. This morning, I watched it first hand when R snatched a block away from him. I tried to get R to give it back but he refused. In the rush to get to morning meeting, I forgot that I should let the teachers know so they can resolve it instead of letting it go. I guess I did not model very good behavior either though I hope Calvin will learn to stand up for himself. Maybe we need to work on it through some role playing at home.


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