Skipping Rope

I bought a pack of rubber bands from the Dollar Store previously so we could use it for a geoboard and various other crafty things. I made a little rubber band ball which has since disappeared into one of the numerous nook and crannies in Calvin’s room. Then I started making a rubber band string reminiscent of the ones I made for playing jump rope in Primary school. I use it primarily for skipping. I used to only be able to do a running style of skipping, with one leg over and then lift up the other but I can finally do the “pro” skipping that boxers seem to be known for doing! The good thing about skipping is that I don’t have to care about the weather outside and there’s no real preparation time (i.e. putting on running shoes/ clothes) so I can just do them in bursts whenever I feel like it. The first time I skipped, leg muscles I did not know existed started to ache but those muscles must have gotten stronger since because I haven’t had another muscle ache. Or maybe that just means my intensity isn’t quite enough to tax them.


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