Minecraft Mania

We’ve all been obsessed with Minecraft lately. For some reason, I never got started until recently even though Papa has been playing it for a while. Calvin isn’t allowed to play, mainly because he can’t use a mouse yet (do we have to train him on a left handed mouse?!?) but he does watch us play. He has his own crazy ideas like building a big swimming pool and plank to jump off from, a big tall tower, using lava to cook chickens etc. It has also inspired him to build his own Lego minecraft. Coincidentally, his Lego magazine came with a Lego Minecraft poster and boy was he overjoyed.

Sometimes I wonder if such early exposure to computer games will be harmful but we limit his screen time anyway so everything in moderation I guess. I’m probably more worried about the impact on his eyesight if anything else. Time to plan for more gross motor play!

On the other hand, I’ve been playing way too much the past week that I developed mild carpal tunnel syndrome. Definitely not the paragon of self control. Papa and I have been playing together and it’s fun to have an activity we can do together. But we could certainly also do with more sleep. Minecraft and daylight savings have made us very tired pandas.

Picture from: Lego


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