Luray Caverns

Since we might be moving away in another year, we decided to thoroughly explore this area because if we move back to Singapore, I’m very unlikely to want to visit the USA again. Having made so many 20+ hour flights before, I’m already exhausted by the thought of flying.

One of the places we found was Luray Caverns. It’s about 1 hour and 15 minutes away, so in October we ventured there. We took much longer to get there of course because we made two stops: one for potty and one for lunch. And at both those places, there were playgrounds and naturally Calvin wanted to have a try climbing up. Driving with kids certainly takes almost twice as long as without, but he had fun so that’s probably the most important part. It was a beautiful fall day to enjoy even the journey and not just the destination.Luray - On the Way


The caverns had many visitors even though we went on a Monday. I can imagine why some people would try to arrive early (as in right as it opens) on a weekend. We had to wait about 20 minutes for our tour. I was worried that Calvin would be spooked by being inside a cave, but it was well lit. Key rock formations were clearly illuminated and I didn’t even need flash to take pretty good pictures. The tour spanned 1.25 miles and took about an hour. There were slopes and stairs but they were easy enough for Calvin to walk most of the way. I was surprised at his stamina. I guess there were enough distractions that he did not remember being tired. In fact, after the tour, he was still eager to  tour the car museum and toy museum. We let Papa go to the car for a nap since he has to drive us home. I am hoping not to have a dozing off driver on the way home because me and Calvin would be too busy napping then to keep our driver awake.

Luray - In the Cavern

Calvin’s favorite part was the stalactite organ that was at the deepest part of the caverns and he was still talking about Neptune’s ghost a few days after our visit. The first explorer’s thought it was a ghost when they first saw it by candlelight. I have to say I would be pretty spooked too if I saw that rock in dim light. The trip must have made quite an impression on Calvin because recently, more than a month later, Calvin made a cave out of Lego and declared that he has a stalactite, stalagmite, column and gems.



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