Too Much Going On – Birthday and Sickness

Last week, I was busy getting all ready for his birthday. We celebrated it with an apple cake I baked myself decorated with strawberries like he wanted; we brought him to have fried chicken like he wanted; Papa planned a treasure hunt for his presents. I was also making sugar cookies for his birthday co-op day and that is on top of the usual household chores and Mr Calvin’s constant requests for attention. I have to say kids are real attention hoarders. It’s like they can never get enough of it… Anyway, I hoped that Calvin enjoyed his birthday. We got him a hexbug warrior set in the hopes of satisfying his need for robots that move. The little bugs haven’t been touched ever since the initial excitement so that plan might have failed. He also got a Knex set that he randomly picked out when he saw me shopping at Sears. I had quite a few “surprise points” to spend at that time so I thought it might be nice to let him pick something out. That has also been shoved aside after two days…. but at least I know he is dextrous enough to fit pieces together. That would mean that the Knex robot I planned to get him for Christmas may be well received. Or it could be discarded after 2 days…. Initially, I did think of getting him more Lego blocks since he spends so much time on it but I would like him to try other things too. He doesn’t seem to care too much about Lego sets anyway. The sets usually end up like the other gifts – two days and then they get disassembled for parts.

And then somehow both me and Calvin got the sniffles – his has progressed to the slimy, sticky phlegm while mine has somehow turned into a terrible sore throat. Maybe it’s because he is sick that I feel he is extra clingy to me, always wanting me to accompany him and play. Or maybe I’m just too tired from my own illness and start to feel impatient. These few days has been trying especially since school is on break for Thanksgiving. At least we only fell sick after his birthday. Now I just have to hope it’s not Strep throat and I’m not spreading it to the men in my family. Especially little man….


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