Getting Tempted Away from Minimalism

Shortly after Calvin’s birth, I was “resolved” to be minimalistic and not have too many toys. Not long after, I concluded I will never be a minimalist without some seriously life changing transformation. In fact, we are a family of hoarders who would save a piece of string in case we will need it someday.

It is so very tempting to get more toys because of the very tangible joy you see when Calvin receives a present. When we gave him the K’nex robot recently, he bounced excitedly, grinned from ear to ear and declared that he is the luckiest boy on earth. Ah, ambrosia to a parent’s ears.

Well, to put it in context, it was because Calvin had some grandiose plans to build his own robot with a motor and wires. He was disappointed to find out that we don’t have the supplies, at least that is what I told him because it was way too advanced and complicated for us. So when I presented him the K’nex kit that comes with a motor and has parts he can snap on, he was naturally overjoyed. Calvin is really into robots now. He told me a few days ago that he’s not as interested in vehicles anymore because he likes robots more. Maybe I should just start a Lego Mindstorms fund now and channel his toy money into it…

Recently, he has been getting a lot of presents. We have our excuses like the hexbugs & K’nex set are his birthday present, Grimlock Transformer was what he wanted to buy using the proceeds from selling his old toys and the K’nex robot set for Christmas. When I see the ongoing pre-christmas sales though, I feel my fingers itching to buy more toys again. (But the reviews for these toys are great!) I almost pulled the trigger but thankfully, the need to have fillers on Amazon to get free shipping has cooled my ardor.

This year, I’ve been trying to focus more on experiences so maybe I should remind myself so I won’t get more stuff that I will have trouble disposing of when we move away. We’ve been out and about exploring the area, doing more craft (so I ended up accumulating craft supplies and knick knacks that *maybe**someday* might be useful for craft….ugh me) and sensory activities.

If I really inventory his toys, I often feel like he doesn’t have that much. Especially after we visit his friend’s house, I feel like our collection is pretty sane and reasonable. The last 6 hasn’t been touched for a while though it will be hard to get him to part with any of it. Even getting rid of toys he hardly play with can be difficult. At least I did get him to gift his almost new wooden fire truck to his little cousin.

  1. A large tub of Lego blocks
  2. A large tub of Lasy blocks
  3. A large collection of Transformers
  4. Two crates of wooden blocks
  5. A small box of knex
  6. 5-6 board games
  7. Puzzles (2 floor, 2 foam, 6 regular ones)
  8. A set of trio blocks
  9. A set of plastic marble run
  10. Hexbug warrior set
  11. 6-7 soft toys
  12. Great big indoor playground
  13. Tinker toy set
  14. Wooden Train set
  15. Plastic drawer full of little cars and trucks
  16. Jungle Junction tree house
  17. Balance bike (I should sell this >_<)
  18. Tricycle
  19. Little People garage

Edit: After doing some calculations, I realized we spent (we, meaning his two set of indulgent grandparents and indulgent parents) about $300 on toys alone this year. And this doesn’t even include the whole lineup of old Transformers toys he inherited from daddy. I feel somewhat horrified that I’ve spent that much without realizing it. On the bright side, I’ve been selling off his old toys and he did get a needed toy update as his interests had a major shift. Looking at all the purchases, almost all of them were enjoyed by him – About $80 was spent on Lego alone which he has been playing with almost everyday. The other major expense was about $100 on his Transformer toys. He could do with a few less of those robots


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