Trigger Happy Shopping

I caved once again and bought yet another gift for Calvin. This time a Plasmacar lookalike called a Wiggle Car. It was discounted and I was able to use up a gift card that I wanted to get rid of. (Excuses!)

m001345165_sc7 Calvin has never been big on ride on toys. I’ve tried buying him the toddler ride ons, the cozy coupe, balance bike and tricycle but none of them were really ridden on that much. The only exception is probably his Trunki. We’ve met with such resistance with the tricycle before and we all (meaning me, Johnny and Calvin) got so frustrated with each other and the tricycle that I keep hoping that there is a magical device that he will be interested in and be able to practice on so he can gain the confidence he needs to try out other things. At least in the case of the Plasmacar, he tried it out a few times on his own volition when we were at my sister-in-law’s place. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he will enjoy it.

While I was at it, I almost bought myself a kick scooter too. Since Calvin takes after me and is timid as a kitty, I thought it might be good for him to see me try new things too. Just like how he finally managed to go down the big slide again. I have to admit I’m not keen to go down the slide myself. I get this sinking feeling in my tummy just from going down a slide. No wonder I am terrible at roller coasters… even the kiddy ones at Legoland. After I went down the slide a couple of times and told him my trick, he was much more willing to try it out and finally is able to do it without me holding on to him. So maybe if he sees me learning how to use the scooter, he will practice with me too? Or is that too much wishful thinking? It just seems like it might be fun if we could both scoot around together. I’ll seriously consider it again when it is not so freaking cold outside.


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