Driving Test

I failed my first driving test. Boohoo! We were going to do a second try last week when the car battery won’t start. (Is that a sign?!?) So this week, we will try again. I am nervous about it. The last time I tried, almost everything that could go wrong went wrong – we forgot to stick the car registration sticker on our plate, I couldn’t remember where the headlights are, I tried to drive off with the parking brake on, tried to reverse when only the electronics are on. When we finally started driving, I was jittery like I had ants in my pants. Most of the driving test actually went pretty well despite all that.

Except at the end, we had to do a lane change to drive back to the DMV. I was in the go straight lane so I frantically tried to switch lanes and there was a car right behind me who had to slam on her brakes and honked me, which was an automatic fail =( I think I was more freaked out by how I really didn’t even see the car there. I am worried about driving around by myself. What if I get into an accident? What if the car breaks down? What if I have a tire puncture? Well I guess if I knew where I was going and I drive slowly, I probably will be fine. No one will blame me for driving like an old lady on the highway, right?


One Response to “Driving Test”

  1. e* Says:

    Yeah I used to think that if I drive slowly, I’ll be safe, but the Boy (and one of my driving examiners) said that driving too slowly (way below speed limit) is not safe. If i’m not confident, then slow is better than fast, but if i’m not confident, then I shouldn’t be driving hence should fail the exam.

    Anyway, just to let you know, I failed the manual exam once, and it took me 3x to pass my automatic exam. So no worries about failing… you’re in excellent company! 😉

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