Winter Sickness and my Little Angel

For the past two weeks, we were busy with first Calvin being sick and then me following after. I can’t decide which is worse – having a sick kid and healthy mum or a sick mum and healthy kid.

My son is a total angel though if I may say so myself. While I was resting in bed with a fever, he would come over to see if I am awake every hour. Mostly to see if I am awake to play with him but he would quietly walk in and then sneak back out again. And even though he’s bored playing all by himself, he didn’t complain or make any noise. He also drew me a cute get well card saying “I love you. Get well soon”. Awww….

He’s so eager to please us and he’s been very sweet and generous with his kisses. Most importantly, he really listens to what we say and tries hard to follow it. Like when I said he should have a nice balanced meal instead of stuffing himself with French Fries, he started eating up his rice and vegetables and then said “Now, can I have some fries?” Or when he knows we don’t like him to fuss about things like exactly when to take his breakfast out (yogurt should be ready before he brushes teeth and not after, toast must only be ready after he starts on his yogurt etc)

When it was time to get ready for bed, he declared ” I need to clean my room first” and went off to pick up his Lego bits. He did not ask us to do it with/ for him like he usually would.

It’s funny though because now that he’s listening so well, we wonder if we’ve been giving him too much pressure or are too harsh on him normally but when he doesn’t listen, we worry about him not following instructions. It’s hard to be parents…


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