Lazy Days

Some days, it just feels like there is so little time to do all I want to do, yet I still spend way too much time vegetating in front of the computer/ tablet even though I know I’d feel so much better getting off my bottom and getting things done. There is an insurmountable inertia to face the mountain of housework and prep work I know should be done. I haven’t even been diligently planning our “homeschool” activities. I need to get back on the routine of preparing sensory bins for him, doing science experiments, teaching him Chinese, working on our journal, practice writing, play ball, work on his balance, run around…

I guess it’s no good to be spending so much of my time on a mobile game. This is probably considered an addiction of sorts. Calvin will obviously not be playing any video games until he is much older…. like 13+. Granted we are not setting a very good example for him, often swiping at our tablets after dinner or while “playing” with him…

Most of all, I need to sleep more and get my energy levels up. Most days he comes from school wanting to play Transformers with me. It really is so hard to play when you have no interest in the activity =_=  My attention start wandering about 5-10 minutes in and I would feel guilty that I am not paying attention to him.


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