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Spring is Here!

March 10, 2015

Here we are, all suffering from mini-daylight savings time lag. The past few weeks gave us pretty much the whole lot of snow for the winter season, which is nice since Calvin loves playing in the snow. It would be a shame if his first ever pair of snow boots never got any use. We made a snow fort and snow man, had snow ball fights, slid down a super slippery  slide, sledded in a laundry basket, treasure hunting for icicles….

We also had our second round of cold passing around the whole house. I wished that the coughing and sniffling would disappear as quickly as the tissue and toilet rolls.

We are also registering Calvin for kindergarten here. We are still not sure if Johnny will graduate this year but I’ve been planning as if we will be staying. That gives us a lot more stability for planning out the future and if things change, we’ll do the necessary. Somehow I don’t feel unsettled by the lack of certainty. Until J actually finishes the data collation and starts writing the thesis, we will never be certain but I am feeling content with our lives here: Calvin is wonderful, we spend a lot of quality time together, I can drive!

Calvin is indeed a sweet and wonderful boy. When I was sick and was busily reading my book, he came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “Get well soon, mama”. I guess I must have looked pretty tired then. He has been very good about cleaning up his room even if the moans and groans of “I can’t do it” chorus along. I still do most of the cleaning up I guess but at least he’s helping.  And then sometimes when he’s frustrated about his toy not doing what he wants or Lego falling apart, he’ll even sing a little song to cheer him on. It’s something we hear on 巧虎 which goes like this “加油,加油,坚持到底,一点点,一点点,越来越棒“.

He is also starting to read though also easily frustrated at his own lack of fluency but he has come a long way. He can read simple picture books with only a short sentence a page. His Chinese is surprisingly still improving despite my lack of commitment in teaching him. We really need a bigger variety of Chinese books!!!!

Here ends my little update on life in the past month. Off I go for a conference with Calvin’s teachers.