Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Despite our current limbo state, we went ahead to register him for kindergarten here. We’ll also be registering him for a Singapore primary school later this year though I’m not sure if we’ll be back by then. We’d probably pick one that is close to our house instead of Johnny’s old school which is on the other side of the island. Commuting for hours everyday seems like such a waste of time when he could be at home playing and enjoying time with me.

For his registration, we had to bring him for a physical examination and finish up the last MMRV injections. He is such a wonder when it comes to injections. He declared that he is not scared of injections and though he winced during the actual injection (it was on the arm instead of the thigh when he was younger), he did not struggle or complain. I am very proud of my little man. So at least we are finally done with his injections for the next 6 years I think.

After the doctor’s visit, we decided to eat near the area and settled on Burger King, which Calvin chose over Wendy’s because he “likes burgers”. We tried to explain that they both served burgers but he was adamant that Burger King was the one. We got him a little bacon cheeseburger, which he quickly wolfed down and asked for another one!!! We bought him a second one thinking that he would eat whatever he can and we’ll finish up the rest. Well, the second one went down as quickly as the first one. Like whoa is there a growth spurt coming along?

I am still worried about his eye sight though. When we went back to Singapore, he had a check up and it seems like he can’t see well from both eyes. The right eye was especially bad. They’ll probably check it again when he goes to kindergarten but I have a feeling he will be myopic. I feel a little sad that he has to wear glasses from such a young age. Glasses are troublesome when you play sports or just simply want to run and climb.

Of course, there is also the academic aspect of entering formal schooling. He is more than adequately ready for kindergarten here but I’m afraid the Singapore system will be a great culture shock for him. Not to mention that his Chinese will probably not be sufficiently good to even understand his teachers >_< In fact, I worry so much that I’m hoping we will continue to stay here for a little while but I guess the longer we stay, the harder it might be for him to accept the differences. On the bright side, he has begun to hold his pencil with a good tripod grasp when I place it in his hand though he quickly reverts to his digital pronated grasp. He is also growing more confident in his Chinese and enjoys trying to talk to the Chinese neighbors  when he sees them around. He can also read simple books and has accepted that he can read. We are now going through the Bob books series to boost his confidence. It’s hard to find books that he can read completely. Many of the early readers have a lot of words that are hard to decode or sight words we haven’t learn yet. I’m sure we could have worked on a lot more academic subjects but I’d rather we spend our time having fun instead of planning lessons. I’ll leave the worrying for when we get there.


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