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My 5.5 Year Old Calvin

May 1, 2015

The things I would like to remember about Calvin:

He loves Lego. More than building sets, he loves to make his own creations. Most of the Lego sets last about 1 day in their actual form before being torn into parts. Some of his designs are so intricate, I am surprised they are creations from a 5 year old boy. His specialty is in designing robots, spaceships, transformers and unusual machines. Not so into buildings though he sometimes builds little worlds like space, medieval knights.

Calvin 2015He worries about dying – quite frequently.

When his best buddy, Cyrus, isn’t at school, he feels lonely and wanders around aimlessly (according to him).The two of them frequently talk about the future like when they should have a playdate, how they will not be in the same kindergarten, planning a sleepover (will either of them really be okay in an unfamiliar bed and without their parents around at this age?).

He loves robots and has been talking about having access to the mindstorms programmable robot when he is 10. That is now a magical age for him. I wonder if he’ll still be as fascinated when he is older.


He is easily embarrassed

Afraid of wobbly things

Loves Transformers