Scared of the Dark

Recently, Calvin has started becoming scared of the dark again. He used to say that his indoor playground looks like a monster with window eyes and mouth and slide tongue. We sold off his playground when summer started since he outgrew it and summer is good time to sell it off, on the side, I thought that would solve his problem. Instead, he started thinking that there are things in his closet. I guess even when we help him to rationalize that monsters are not real etc, it’s hard for him to not feel scared even when he believes there should be no monsters. I mean he would say “There are no such thing as monsters, they are mythical” but I think deep down, that fear of darkness is very much alive when we are young. I used to be petrified about going to the bathroom whenever they screen those olden chinese ghost movies. The special effects aren’t even that good but when you are young, all you need is an idea and your imagination will fuel the rest. I used to think that a ghost/ monster would pop out from the potty while I am sitting on it. That would of course be a very sad sewer monster if he ever exists. Or I’ll think I’ll see something scary in the mirror instead of my own reflection. Thinking back, I can understand now that these are fears that cannot be rationalized away. Eventually, when I grow older, that feeling just went away. Especially after I started secondary/ middle school. I probably just had more things to worry about.

Finally, we came out with a solution which is to leave one of the lights in the living room on after we go to bed and Calvin has been calmer since. We didn’t want a light in his room since he is a light sleeper as it is. The darkness really gives him a better night’s rest. Hopefully, that resolves the “I’m-so-scared-I-didn’t-want-to-go-use-the-potty-until-you-are-awake” problem or he won’t be graduating from his night time diaper anytime soon.


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